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Last week, I learnt about the effective things in PETA class. I have learned about a good assessment and how we changed approach supported through assessment. We should to conduct a good assessment that can help us to select better approach for teaching. In other that, a good assessment can help teacher to reach student’s potential and measure student’s ability progress in learning.

Ms Tika gave an article that can show changed approach supported through assessment. The article is about the teacher that changed her teaching strategies in the class after she did first assessment to the students. First, she gave an assessment to her students using multiple choices to assess her student’s understanding of chemical concepts. Do you know the result from that assessment? Too many of her students were failing her class and showing lack of motivation after that.

Because of that, the teacher decides to change her assessment strategy. The students not only taking test for the material and also present their work about the material that related with their real life. And you know what? The students were supportive of this change. The students presented well in front of their classmates and also demonstrated how the material that teacher given can related with their real world.

The students can more understand about the concept of the material and become more confident and comfortable in the class. I think it is effective because the teacher use teaching strategies that can reach student’s potential and also measure student’s ability progress in learning process. This case can show that the teacher should to conduct an activities and a good assessment that can make a good teaching strategies.

After that, I did a reflection about the assessment that teacher used in my high school. When I was senior high school, my teacher only assessed students through the exercise in group or individual. I think it is so monotone and can’t improve student’s ability. Teacher only knows student’s ability from student’s exercise or homework, not from student’s thinking. If the students do other activities like presentation, maybe the teacher can assess students thinking skill and also students understanding about the concept of material.

In PETA class, we have the definition about “assess”. That is to judge or decide the value, quality, or importance of something”. So, we have to make a decision about the teaching strategies that we used through the assessment.

After that, we have learned about the assessment teachnique. That are diagnostic, formative and summative. The formative is about the assessment for learning, like homework and assignment that teacher given. Before teacher gave a new material, teacher gave a pre-test; we can call with the diagnostic. The diagnostic is like recall in the opening activities of learning. The summative is about the post-test. The teacher can give the test to check student understanding after the teacher give the explanation about the new material. I think the diagnostic, formative and summative can help the teacher to know how much the material that the students get before and after the learning process.


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Hello guys !! ^^

I want to share about the effective and ineffective for the 2nd meeting of PETA course. The class was interesting for me because I have learned how to teach effectively and how the students could be understand about the lesson that teacher given.

Before our lecture, Ms. Tika started the lesson, she asked to us what we have learned for the first meeting. It was remembered our lesson before about the effective and ineffective teaching.

After that, we have done some activities like the vignettes session and watched the video also. In the vignettes session, my friends and I made a discussion about teaching for understanding.

I think, it is effective because we learned about how to teach for understanding. In the vignettes session, we found that a new material is linked to our prior knowledge. It was about teaching for understanding. We have to know that is a key for understanding. Understanding the new material is difficult enough, so teaching for understanding is very important to guide the students linked to their prior knowledge.

In the discussion, the new material that teacher given to the students was linked to the apple. Apple is the prior knowledge of students understanding. So that students could be easier to understand the new material. Are you still remembering about taxonomy Bloom? Understanding is a part of Taxonomy Bloom. 🙂

After the discussion for the vignettes session, my friends and I watched the video. The video that we have watched is very interesting for me. The video is about the teacher who taught a class of elementary school. The effective teaching can be seen from an interesting way of learning. So that students could be active in class. But we should not forget the main purpose of learning.

It can be more effective to know about the effective and ineffective teaching in class started with elementary students. We have to know that a fun activity in teaching and learning doesn’t mean we do an effective teaching because sometimes we forgot about the goals for the activities. So we have to arrange the activities to be more creative that can manage the students learning effectively.

For the ineffective, maybe preparation is about class preparation i think. It was about prepare the media for watched the video and preparation before the class was started.

I think that’s all my reflection. I hope you will do an effective teaching in the class (me too.. hehehe).

(Novani Lieadi, 2009110032)

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