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My teaching experience in SMA Santa Theresia was interesting. I met XI-science students when I did teaching practice. I did teaching practice with my partner, Daen and Arifin. My master teacher’s Named Mr. Mansyurdin. He taught mathematics in XI-science and XII-science class. For 1st week in SMA St. Theresia, I did observation and teaching assistance only. I observed my master teacher when he taught the students about Limit. The students already did mid-test until some subtopics about limit.

When I entered the class for the first time, my master teacher share mid-test result to the students and then discussed some question together. After that, my master teacher gave some exercises about limit that using simple function and trigonometric function. He gave the general form and then he gave simple function and for example. The teacher showed the students how to substitute the function into the general form of derivatives by using concept of limit and then he showed how to solve and find the answer. After that he gave a trigonometric function . The students tried to solve the problem and after that some students come forward to write the answer and explain to their friends. The teacher give a freedom to the students when do the exercises with own way.

I’m interested when the student did a problem with different way with other students. There is one student who asked the teacher why we learn about the function again for limit? The teacher answered that we want to learn something further about limit when we learn about the next topic, derivatives. By using, the students can know how to get the derivatives of function. The student active in the class and I’m interested with that.

And then for 2nd week, I did teaching practice for 4×45’ in different class, XI-Science-1 and XI-science-2. I taught the topic about derivatives with my partner. We made a lesson plan about that topic with our master teacher. We used lecturing and discussion method, but the discussion just peer. We choose lecturing because the topic for the first meeting and the students should to know how the derivatives can be solved using limit and how to get the general form from the concept of velocity that related to their real life. Because of that, we should give more explanation to the students. We choose peer discussion because the condition of the class. Classroom in St. Theresia is not full-closed, only a half. So that the class was so noisy and can disturb the other class if we use big discussion in the class.

We started the lesson by giving a video about moto GP. The students looked interesting with the video. That video related with the concept of velocity. We explain how to get the general form of derivatives using limit. My master teacher said that we should to explain how to derive the formula from the concepts of velocity because that concept is related to their real life and also they have known the concept from physics lesson. So, the students can understand easier.

After the students know how to derive the function using limit, we gave some exercises like my master teacher taught before. And then we guide the students to get the derivatives notation by solving the problem using limit. After that we gave problem solving to the students and they have to solve it in peer discussion. Students were being active and did the question and answer in the class. Students also give respect to us when we teach. Actually, when we started to teach them, they looked silently, but when we asked them to solve the problem, they show enthusiastic to solve the problem and also present their work in front of the class. I think they can understand the material faster than I thought. Not only that, the student in that school was so discipline. When entered the class, they stand form a line and teacher checked neatness of student, then they stay in their sit to prepare receiving the lesson.

We used slide presentation and also video when we teach in two different class. But when we teach in the first class, we still used blackboard and whiteboard more than slide presentation. Because of that, my master teacher said that we should use the media (power point) more maximal. When I explained about the important thing and main of the lesson, we should give the impression and if we need, we can write again on the board. So the students can know more clearly about the main point from the lesson.

In core activities, we should go around the class for monitoring all students about their understanding when they solve the problem. For closing, when we made a reflection and summary about the lesson today, we must to make sure what students learn, how about their understanding and I trust that their understanding is the most important when we teach them.

For the second class that we entered, my master teacher said that we did teaching practice better than in the class before. I am very grateful to my master teacher because he gave us some information, motivation, and also give feedback for us to improve our ability in teaching. He said to us that we must teach the students from the heart. That’s the important thing and we should more prepare with the material than the students. So we can give the best for our students. 🙂

When I finished teaching practice, my friends and I have a chat with my master teacher about teaching certain Mathematics topic that he experiences problematic. The topic is about trigonometry. He met difficulties when he must give many formulas about trigonometry. He already explained how to get the formula, but too many formulas that should remember by the students. The formula is not only about trigonometry identities, sine rule, cosine rule, but also addition and multiplication of sine and cosine, and the other formula. When he taught them about limit trigonometry, the students met difficulty to apply many kind of formula when they solve the problem of limit trigonometry. To overcome that difficulties, the students should more do drill and practice, so that they can accustomed to apply trigonometry formula in Limit, derivatives, and other topics.

My teaching experience in SMA St. Theresia was so interesting. The students and the teacher were being cooperative in the learning process. So the learning process can be more effective. I learned many things from my master teacher and also the students. Different class and different school have different habits of students and I should learn from that situation. 🙂


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In the second week, I did my observation in 1st grade class (X-5 class) and 3rd grade of social class (IPS-3 class) again with the same teacher and being teacher assistance in the class. I have many interesting experience in the second week of teaching assistance. You know why? Because I met the students that so hyperactive and so naughty (wow!!) when I observed and did teaching practice again! It was so difficult to manage this class. But I was enjoy this and that was so interesting for me 🙂

On the Monday, I only made a plan for teaching practice and made a draft of lesson plan and I made a real lesson plan with my partner, Anggi on Thursday. Then we did consult with my master teacher about our lesson plan. We tried to make a good lesson plan with good and interesting activities for teaching practice.

Our master teacher only used lecture discussion in every week. I think it was not effective because it made the students feel bored in the class if the teacher always makes a same teaching method. So, we made something different. We want to make students more active in the class but still fun and enjoy the class.
Actually, we want to use power point to deliver the information, but my master teacher ask Anggi and I to give explanation using marker and whiteboard, not using technology. Ouhhhh so bored, but we tried to understand about that.

For the activities, we combined the lecturing, group discussion, and presentation. Anggi and I gave short explanation about addition and multiplication the roots of Quadratic function. We gave some formulas and how to find the formulas. I think it was effective because the students could know about how to find the formulas and it was important too. Not only received the absolute formula from the teacher, but also students can understand how to find it.

After that, we gave some problems that have different difficulty level for group discussion. It was effective because we know that the problems that have different characteristic and difficulty level can improve students higher order thinking.

students group discussion

The students solve the problems in group. Students could help each other when they found any difficulties in group discussions. After that, students present their result of group discussion in front of the class. It can make students active in the class.

Students present their work

For closing, we gave an ice breaking (seven boom). You have also known that game, right? The students may not said number seven and the number that related with number seven and also the number that contain of number seven. The students looked fun and enjoy this game after did presentation. Then, we have reviewed and evaluation about the lesson on that Friday evening.

Finally, I have done my job as teacher assistance for two weeks. I get a lot of experiences from teaching assistance program and we will miss my students so much! And hopefully, we can be a good teacher for the future 🙂

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For one week, I was being a teacher assistant at Senior high school in Menteng area, south jakarta. I have observed the class, made a lesson plan, helped the teacher to assess students exercise, and also taught students in the class. I did my observation in 1st grade class (X-5 class) and 3rd grade of social class (IPS-3 class) with the same teacher. I found many interesting thing when I observed the class. I have learned from the effective and ineffective learning in the class.

I want to share about the effective in the classroom learning. For the first, teacher taught the students with fun, not too serious. Sometimes, teacher gave some jokes to students. So, the students didn’t feel bored in the class and could feel enjoy the class. In the other hand, they could understand the material effectively. We know that fun is not always effective, but from the result of my observation, the teacher can teach with fun, but still focus on the material.

Secondly, teacher used lecture-discussion method for model of instruction. Teacher and students did lecturing and discussion. Teacher began with review previous work and student’s prior knowledge. It showed when the teacher asked students about the ABC formula to find roots of quadratic functions. Teacher makes students to remember about previous lesson. And then teacher gave explanation about the new material and also did question and answer with the students. And then teacher checked students understanding by gave some problems (exercises) and divided students into group that consists of 4-5 students for discussion. In the discussion, students can solve the problem together and also help each other. I think it was be effective because the classroom learning was not to be teacher centered learning, but students also to be more active in the class.

Thirdly, for the interesting and effective thing that I found is the teacher remembered all the names of students in class. The teacher said to me that it was very important because if I know and remember the name of all students, it means that we give respect and cares to them.

In the classroom learning, I found the ineffective too. I think the ineffective looked from the assessment when I helped the teacher to assess student’s exercises in group discussion. I asked the teacher how to assess it. The teacher asked me to give the absolute score. If the answer is true, we must give score 10 for each answered and If the answer is false, so we must give score 0. We didn’t assess how the students get the answer. I think it was not effective because we didn’t give appreciation for students understanding in the discussion. In addition, teacher only give exercises that not make students improve their higher order thinking.

If I had to teach the same lessons to the same student population, I will give the problems that can integrate student’s new and prior knowledge. So the students can improve their higher order thinking.

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